CMDB WEBINAR | Enhancing Tracking, Efficiency, and Security

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Is your IT asset management system a black box? Are you struggling with slow incident resolution, cumbersome change planning, and unclear root cause analysis?


Ukázka CMDB databáze v ALVAO ITSM produktu.

Recording of this webinar recording is your key to:

  • Reliable Data & Efficient Tracking: Learn how a robust CMDB can provide the data foundation you need for clear visibility into your IT infrastructure.
  • Reduced Risks & Enhanced Security: Discover strategies to identify and mitigate IT security vulnerabilities.
  • Superior IT Service Quality: See how to optimize your IT operations to meet ever-growing business demands.

In this webinar, you'll gain insights into:

  • CMDB Fundamentals: Grasp the core concepts of a Configuration Management Database.
  • Data Import Made Easy: Explore various options for importing data into your CMDB.
  • Building CI Relationships: Learn how to establish connections between your Configuration Items for a holistic view.
  • Real-time CI Health: Discover how to track the health and status of your CIs for proactive management.
  • Powerful Integrations: See how your CMDB can integrate with monitoring solutions like Zabbix for network and application insights.
  • Complete CI Lifecycle Management: Get a handle on the entire lifecycle of your Configuration Items.
  • Data Visualization for Clarity: Learn how to leverage visualizations to gain deeper understanding from your CMDB data.
  • Proactive Risk Analysis: Explore techniques to identify and mitigate IT risks.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and transform your IT operations! Watch the webinar recording now!

At the CMDB webinar, you will be guided by:

Jiri Janku | Solution Architect

Jiri has implemented a number of successful transformation projects in the field of IT Service Management, where he always looks for an optimal relationship between people, processes and tools.

LinkedIn profile of Jiri Janku

jiri janku

Business Development Representative

David, although fairly new to the ITSM space, has managed to gain comprehensive knowledge about the pain points and needs of IT personnel within ITSM. He aims to cultivate and maintain relationships with both prospects and the wider IT audience of the English-speaking world.

LinkedIn profile of David Kocian

David Kocian, ALVAO consultant

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